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Teaser Tuesday

September 1, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

Unedited excerpt two from Pirate Rules releasing this month…

Hesitation did nothing to improve her chances. Zara heaved her tote bag into the speedboat with only a glance to confirm it had landed safely. The contents spilled and she steeled herself to ignore the peril to her precious possessions. Getting away in one-piece was a more critical.

Her status as the only passenger who’d actually listened to the mandatory disaster drill lecture paid off now. Quickly, she dug out a rope ladder, securing it to the leeside rail cleats–directly above the speedboat. Before beginning her descent, she tried to get a fix on the two men. Both of them had moved out of her line of sight. She hoped they were further away from her precarious position.

While climbing down the scary, moving ladder, she cheered herself by visualizing the boat keys in the ignition, willing reality to match the mental image. Her feet connected with the smooth fiberglass of her target. Frantically she untangled herself from the clinging safety ladder. She banged a knee in her race to the control panel. There was a key slot, exactly as she’d envisioned it. But, no key.

At the sight of the empty ignition, her heart fell from her throat to her stomach.

There was no time for hopelessness. Zara squared her shoulders, exhorting herself to think like a boat key. No key on the handy molded shelf over the instrument panel. Nor on the floorboards. None under either the captain’s or the passenger’s seat. She tried one compartment, and then another, all locked tight. No key anywhere. Sadly, she didn’t have a clue how to hotwire the vessel.

She was screwed.

Fear began eroding her thoughts. Then she gave herself a mental shake. She could swim to shore. It was only a few yards away. Once she gained the beach, she would walk inland. The island was small but there were roads. Therefore, there had to be houses and people somewhere. It was the tropics–she wouldn’t freeze to death. An insect bite or two hardly counted next to the danger of hanging around waiting for Smiley’s friend to carve her into ugly pieces.

Already on her knees, she crawled over to her tote bag and began hastily retrieving the contents, which had scattered across the cockpit.

The boat lurched alarmingly and the oval bottle of Submission wobbled out of reach, she crabbed after it, fixated on rescuing her belongings.

“Looking for something?” Deep-voice asked.

She jerked around so fast that she risked serious neck injury. Slowly, she recognized the mocking deep voice belonged to Razor, the smoldering hunk from the bar.

Zara waited for the floorboards to part so she could sink into the sea.
A few seconds passed with no miracles. She finally accepted there wasn’t going to be an easy way out of her current mess. Terror, disappointment, and humiliation all roiled through her, tightening her stomach into a miserable leaden knot and fogging her thoughts.

Unlike Smiley, Razor was truly frightening and intimidating. Large, dangerous, and fast–she wasn’t silly enough to try an elbow jab on him. Putting herself within his reach might well be her last mistake.

The heart that had sunk to her stomach when she couldn’t find the boat keys plummeted to her knees, turning them shakier than a pyramid scheme.

To hell with the fragrance. She drug in a deep breath and flexed her leg muscles. Then using every bit of her fear-fueled energy, she bolted for the gunwales.

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