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Teaser Tuesday

September 29, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

An unedited excerpt from Joon’s Temptation, Book Two of the Enyo Chronicles, available now from New Concepts Publishing! :)

Mythos stripped out of his uniform. Stepping into the sanitizer he let the hot water, and then the warm air, remove the sweat and tension from his most recent mission. Before sleep, he closed and locked the entrance to his room to prevent interruption. The details of his sparsely furnished quarters hardly registered in his awareness. A clean sleeping couch and privacy were all he needed. An oversized seat with easy access to the enviro controls beckoned him to take his ease.

He ignored the promise of comfort until he’d assured his privacy. Only then did he allow his tired muscles to relax into the ease of the customized chair built to handle his oversized body. He tilted back before activating his personal reader. Rapidly, he skimmed the headline news, moving on to his recorded articles.

Quickly scanning the sharp display, he eagerly absorbed every account the recorder had accumulated for him about the Earthling witch. Pausing the rapid scroll, he studied an image of the female magic wielder. Aware that he’d become obsessed with the alien woman, he still couldn’t stop absorbing every scrap of information about her.

His obsession was illogical. The time he’d spent as a sex slave controlled by a Maldorean witch continued to fuel his nightmares. He rubbed the slave collar portal just under the skin on the back of his neck. As far as he could tell, it still carried the witch’s ward.

Though the woman was long dead, carrying her mark was hateful. A permanent reminder that he’d been too weak for prevent what was done to him.

So, what was it about the Earth witch that haunted him?

On Enyo, all women were rare. As an alien, he was ineligible for mating. And his treatment aboard the slaver had eliminated all pleasure from sex, leaving only a passion for revenge. Therefore, females were less than nothing to him. Except for this one strange Earth woman.

Maybe, that was part of the secret of the witch’s appeal. She looked nothing like a Maldorean female. The magic wielder had the face of a fierce angel and there was an ethereal purity to her slim form. On the rare holo-casts he’d seen of her, she’d moved with impossible grace.

Her voice was a siren’s song. Listening to her, he felt something, stirring deep inside. It was as if she spoke to him alone. A whisper of desire snaked past his defenses, and slipped into his system, making him shiver erotically.

For a second, he thought his cock had stirred. Then the usual nausea rose, threatening to choke him. Sickened by his fascination, and uneasy with the vague longing for a true connection like he’d never known, he finally turned off the recordings.

A dream fragment–flickered just outside of his conscious awareness. He never remembered dreams, except for the nightmares from his years in captivity. But, there were times when he awoke sticky from his own release. Those times had occurred after studying the Earth witch.

Clearly, she was dangerous.

Killing time, Helax logged in to check his credit balance. In theory, he could overspend. But, in reality, he’d have to work on it. The Enyo Space Corps fed and clothed him. He got to fly the latest ships and he didn’t have worry about how competitive the mating standards were. His nonexistent sperm count disqualified him from even the hope of consideration. His rating, a big fat F, was available to anyone with access to military records. The exact same information could be read–by anyone with a clue–with a glance at his personal tat.

It could have been worse.

No one knew why he was out of the breeding pool. Except for the lab tech, who’d run his fertility test. And even then, there’d been nothing to identify him other than a numeric code. His shameful secret was safe.

He sure as fuck wasn’t going to volunteer the humiliating fact to anyone. On a planet obsessed with breeding, it was bad enough being disqualified. If it got out that he was shooting blanks, he would be fighting to defend his warrior status every day for the rest of his miserable life.

“You ready to head out, man?” Mythos’s baritone was a welcome interruption of Helax’s gloomy thoughts.

They’d been friends ever since the big guy had entered Helax’s cadet class.

Something inexplicable, but powerful had drawn him to the feral youngling. Amazingly, Mythos had accepted his tentative offer of friendship. They’d been together ever since. It was almost enough to make him believe in destiny.

“More than, bud–more than.” He grinned at his friend and logged off the banking system, grabbing his shades on the way out.

He shook off the last traces of his serious mood, admiring his friend. Too bad the ladies of light were totally undiscriminating. Mythos would have impressed the hell out of a living, breathing woman.

As a non-native, his friend had the same F rating worked into his tat. But, it was a safe bet that the rippling mass of muscle wasn’t shooting blanks out of his cock.

To make up for his totally fucked-up case of envy, Helax clapped the big guy’s broad back. “I’ll buy your first session.”

His impulsive gesture yanked the big warrior’s head around. “What’s up–did you win the triple moon shot lottery?”

“Nah, I just like your ugly ass.”

Mythos stiffened.

Ah shit, incredibly bad choice of words.

Helax knew how touchy his man was–shit, anyone who’d done time on a slaver had a right to his issues. The big guy never talked about that part of his life. He didn’t need to–even an idiot knew what happened to slaves of both genders aboard the Maldorean mining ships.

He took a shot at fixing the damage he’d done. “Don’t go getting twisted on me. I’m talking like in a totally hetro way, you big jerk.”

A sorry excuse for a grin split his friend’s wicked lips. But, he teased back gamely. “Sure, you keep to telling yourself that.”

Helax laughed, but he hadn’t missed the fact that his man had sidestepped the offer. As far as he knew, the big guy had never visited the ladies of light, which was just plain sad. He wondered if the big guy knew that holo-hos came in both genders.

Never mind, he clamped down on the stray thought. That was so not a conversation that he wanted to have with his touchy friend. Not in this lifetime. Heading for the exit, he called over his shoulder, “Coming?”

“No, I’ve got some business I need to take of,” the big guy said.

Right, ‘cause that’s what horny warriors always did with their leave. But, all Helax said was, “Gotcha, catch you later.”

It only took a few seconds of mirror time to convince Helax it was smart to stick with craggy and natural. Unless he wanted to sign up for a total makeover, his situation was hopeless. Why bother to shave? The ladies of light didn’t care and there was no one else to impress.

Heading out of the unit, he was less than a meter from the exit when his com-link chirped to life. A glance at the call identifier raised his eyebrows and straightened his backbone. He’d almost made a clean getaway.

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