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Teaser Tuesday

September 22, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

Excerpt from Joon’s Temptation, Book Two of the Enyo Chronicles. available now from New Concepts Publishing!

Joon shifted, almost imperceptibly. Still, such restlessness was unacceptable in any Belle Amity disciple. She swallowed a sigh.

Normally, she excelled at waiting. Lately, it had been hard to school her mind to quiet and to maintain the rigid posture protocol dictated. As the peak of her fertility cycle grew closer, the waiting got even harder. It seemed that the older she got the more violently her body protested her barren state.

Last quarter, she’d been confined to bed for a miserable week. Here on Enyo the weeks were only seventy-two hours long, but even a three-day week was much too long when she was wracked with pain.

She concentrated on loosening her neck muscles, trying to forestall the headache that threatened to make her discomfort worse. Her cycles had never been like this back on Earth.

Since her arrival on Enyo, her hormones had gone from mild rebellion to no-holds-barred guerilla warfare. She wasn’t sure whether it was the abundance of testosterone exuding warriors, or the shocking encounter with Dalila, which was to blame. Either way, the misery was Enyo related and she couldn’t help wishing that her tour here would end.

To distract herself from the uncomfortable vigil, she let her thoughts wander back to the last time she’d see Dalila.

The disciple had been desperate to know the truth of her mate’s secret hearts. But, she’d controlled herself well, hiding the need from anyone other than another sister.

Joon had studied her openly. “There was another factor influencing my decision to persuade the councilman, do you wish to hear of it?”

Plainly, not all that sure, Dalila had said, “Please.”

“Very well. You have a rare portion of courage, disciple. I would see your genes carried to future generations.” Joon had smiled, pleased to share a positive assessment. Then she’d started to make the sign of the Goddess over the other woman, signaling the end of their conversation.

Dalila halted her with another question. “Kelvar and Dexon, did you….did you influence them also?”

“It wasn’t necessary,” Joon said with as much reassurance as the words could hold. “When I examined them, I read their hearts. You have no reason to doubt your mates’ love.”

“Thank you,” Dalila said, bowing deeply. “I need to find them.”

Joon had returned the bow. “The sisters and I will be leaving for New Eden, the capitol of Enyo, in a few minutes. I take my farewell of you now, disciple. May the Goddess keep you until we meet again.”

“And you, Commander Joon.”

And then she made the sign of the Goddess over Dalila, giving the sisterhood’s blessing to Dalila’s unusual union with the warriors.

When Joon had proceeded toward her craft, the deep growl of warrior voices halted her journey. Her steps slowed, she turned her head, glancing back at the lovers. Needing to reassure herself that all was well with the disciple and her mates.

The Enyo men had caged Dalila between them, speaking to her in their rough manner. She had nuzzled each man in turn, reassuring both warriors of her love.

Certain that all was well, Joon had tried to make herself leave. But, the three lovers had captured her curiosity and her gaze remained locked on the trio.

One of the twin warriors had untangled himself from the embrace, taking a stride away from them, and then he’d paused to say something to the man still holding Dalila.

Unconsciously, Joon had put her fist to her mouth, stifling a cry of loss. The strength of her reaction surprised her. It was an unconventional breeding arrangement. And yet, she’d sensed that the three of them belonged together.

Perhaps, Joon had tapped into Dalila’s feelings, because the small disciple spoke to the man leaving, plainly displeased about something. Soon the scolded warrior was kissing his mate. As the kiss continued, big hands cupped the small woman’s bottom, pulling her flush against the warrior’s hard body.

Though the evening had cooled, Joon had grown warm. Her breasts had tightened and the channel between her legs had grown liquid with wanting while deep inside her belly an even more fundamental need had unfurled.

Twisting in his arms, Dalila had captured the other man and pulled him closer. She’d kissed him thoroughly. He’d returned her caress with so much enthusiasm that Joon had found herself licking her own lips. And then he’d covered Dalila’s breasts with his hands.

Joon hadn’t been able to keep from noticing that Dalila’s breasts were small, certainly no larger than her own. Shamefully, she’d continued to stare even as she projected an image of herself on board the departing craft, unable to tear herself away from the erotic scene, taking place in the privacy of the jungle.

The spaceship’s engine roared to life. And still, Joon watched the lovers, straining her capacity for illusion by cloaking her presence among the lush tropical plants in order to move closer.

Dalila’s warriors had worked together to strip off her uniform, and then theirs. At last, there had been no layers left between them. One man kissed the side of the disciple’s neck, stroking from between her woman’s slit to her back passage.

As the other man lifted Dalila, she’d wrapped her legs around the other’s lean hips, opening her secrets to both warriors. Unable to resist, Joon edged closer, confident that her cloaking would protect her from discovery.

“Now, sweet Dalila?” One warrior growled against her mouth.

The man’s deep voice made Joon’s lips itch.

“Yes,” Dalila whimpered, wriggling between the two incredible male bodies with their intimidating breeding shafts fully aroused–hard, long, and thick.

Joon’s sex had fluttered hopefully, her gaze riveted on the scene.

And then they’d both plunged into Dalila’s fragile body.

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