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WIP Wednesday

September 23, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

The pirates are back! Finally, now I just hope they’ll talk to me. It would save so much time if they’d tell me what they had going on, instead of giving me visual peeks and leaving me to try to capture the story based on glimpses into their world and bits and pieces of disconnected conversations.

Pirate Games opens with a scene in seedy bar, I’ve known that much for awhile. What I didn’t know was the woman, who’s straddling the hero’s lap isn’t the heroine. I’ve yet to meet the heroine, but at least I know who she isn’t.

Hold on a second, the heroine showed up and that good looking guy with the full lap–not the hero. Fooled me too!

Alas, that’s how it usually happens. I do my best to make a coherent story around the fragments that float to the conscious part of my head, but I only get it half right. This means revisions are the norm. By the way, major revisions don’t eliminate the need for polishing.

I write the first draft faster than I used to, but since the characters are far less well-behaved than they used to be the total process takes as long as ever. :(

None of that detracts from the fact this is my dream job and I’m so grateful I get paid to hang out with the dangerously sexy guys. ;)

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