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Real Life

October 1, 2009 | Uncategorized

Have you noticed that romance heroine’s may face monsters, danger, schemers, and dangerous men, but they never scrub the bathroom, pick up dog poop, or do anything resembling everyday life?

I understand why the romance heroine’s existence includes little drudgery, unless she’s Cinderella. First of all, she’s special. Second, she’s got more exciting things to do. Third, who wants to read about real life?

There’s no glamour in scrubbing toilets, mucking out stalls, or cleaning grout. If those kind of tasks are included in a story, they’re illustrating character or showing persecution.

The ordinary stuff is a big part of my real life. Most days I spend several hours writing or revising or editing stories. There are no minions–I update this blog and the website. I clean house, take care of the yard, and the animals. Most days, I find satisfaction in clean floors and a pile of neatly folded laundry–it’s a nice break from searching for the right combination of words to convey the rich story pictures in my head. Then there are days when minions sound very nice. ;)

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