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Six-pack Saturday

October 10, 2009 | Uncategorized

Six reasons I’m hooked on paranormal romance–

1) The alpha heroes, enough said right there. But, they’re also what I miss in contemporaries, where the alpha dude is no longer politically correct.

2) The world building that comes along with the paranormal elements. Imaginative new story worlds enthrall me.

3) The experience of immersing myself in an alternate reality where the possibilities are endless. Historical romances share this calgon-moment effect, sweeping the reader away into a special world of excitement and fantasy.

4) Exciting, fast-paced, lusty adventure. Stories grounded in reality have a much harder time pulling off the adrenalin rush convincingly.

5) The conflicts are stronger, more threatening, and the resolutions more surprising.

6) Romance, destined love, one true love, and grand passions are all more believable and more thrilling.

Do you enjoy paranormal romance?

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