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Six-pack Saturday

October 17, 2009 | Uncategorized

Six stories I want to write–right now ;)

1) Pirate Games–good thing too, because it’s the one I’m actually working on

2) Demon and Dragons book two–maybe next, maybe not

3) Enyo Chronicles book three–or four or both, stories that exist only as fragments on the hard drive and in my head.

4) Wicked Desires the third wicked book, which actually is at least halfway written, but the vision blurred and I started to wonder if it were correctly labeled–maybe it’s part of some other series… Maybe it’s a single title. Darn good story where ever it belongs.

5) A series of feminine fantasies–short erotic romps…

6) Christmas Kisses, doesn’t even need to be written, more a deep revision…

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