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Six-pack Saturday

October 24, 2009 | Uncategorized

Six reasons I really need a Kindle

1) All the free titles, seriously that almost pushed me over the edge.

2) Traveling with a whole library of favorites and TBR titles

3) Instant gratification–I haven’t tried the Whispernet download, but it sounds wonderful

4) The potential elimination of many shelves of print books–I love books, but they take up space, collect dust, and are darn heavy–a major drawback if one wants to spend six months living on a sail boat. Or move to modern condo overlooking the city or the water or both. I have no plans to do any of those things, but options have a lot of appeal….

5) Economy–really ;) Kindle versions are discounted–depending on the number of books purchased, the devise could pay for itself in a year.

6) Convenience–a library tucked into my purse, what could be nicer?

Do you have an electronic reader? Are you happy with your reader? Do tell, inquiring minds and all that jazz…. ;)

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