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WIP Wednesday

October 7, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

I’m working on Pirate Games. Two weeks ago I had a plot and notes about the characters. Then, the seductive whispers of what-if began. Pretty soon the plots, the character sketches, even the opening pages had been deleted. All because of one irresistible question–what if he wasn’t human?

Gotta watch those demons, they’re strong and the dragons are really a problem. I spent a week on the second demon and dragon book before I caught on that the story sucking me in had nothing to do with pirates. :(

This isn’t wasted effort. Someday, I hope to write more demon and dragon tales, but not now.

Back to the previously discarded pirate series notes. Ah yes, there’s the damaged hero and there’s the good woman. The one he’s going to try to reject. :)

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