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Real Life

November 5, 2009 | Uncategorized

Dangerous Secrets and Joon’s Temptation are both on the highest rated erotica list (or they were just the other day:() over at Fictionwise. This is a thrill for me and I’m grateful to the readers who rated my stories.

Though, I get caught up in the excitement of sales rankings, reader’s ratings, and royalty statements, none of these give me a clear picture of what I should write next.

The fact is, I’m never going to fully understand what it is about some stories that catches readers imagination.

Over and over, I come back to the same conclusion. All I can do is write the best story I know how to write. Why do some stories catch fire? Best, I can tell is it some combination of talent, hard work, timing, and fairy dust.

The only one of those element that I have any control over is the hard work part. Welcome to the realty of writing romance.

Still, it’s the world’s best job. :)

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