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Real Life

November 12, 2009 | Uncategorized

A couple of years ago, when the house was undergoing some urgently needed repairs, the neighbors would ask if I were putting it on the market. I reassured them that I was staying.

There are things I love about this house and very little that needs upgrading. But, I’m not wild about the location, plus it’s more house than I need and more garden too. Having too much room, and too much yard are not big problems, but there’s nothing keeping me here.

I’d rather have a smaller house and smaller garden further away from the city. Less upkeep means more time for writing and real life. A wonderful improvement since neither is getting enough time right now.

The effect of the decision is an immediate time loss as I look around me, realizing how much stuff I don’t want to move. A smaller house couldn’t hold all this stuff. A Kindle is looking better and better. ;)

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