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WIP Wednesday

November 11, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Continuing with my quest to become a better writer and my penchant for writing series–another thing I’d like to get better at is figuring out how much of the past installments need to be included. My current answer–as it relates to the pirate series–is practically nothing.

If characters from a previous episode put in an appearance, it’s a wink and smile for those who’ve followed the series. For those just now joining the action, all they need is just enough information to understand the current situation. Previous episodes are like backstory–a little goes a long ways.

Closely related to the insertion of past events is world building. A trickier area for me.

The first story in a series bears the heaviest burden to create the special world with enough detail to make it come alive for the reader. Subsequent installments need that same magic, but repeating the descriptions from the early stories is boring for the faithful fans who’ve read each installment. The same quandary applies to recurring characters. The faithful need reassurance that their beloved hero or hated villain retains his essential qualities and yet they need to grow and deepen and even surprise. And all of this must be accomplished without boring the faithful fans or losing the newcomers by too skimpy exposition.

Good thing I like a challenge. ;)

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