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Fan Girl Friday

December 18, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

Contemplating moving, even in the maybe someday, sense of the word led to new commitment to e-books and, of course, my friends at the library.

While browsing the virtual bookstore, and library, shelves I’ve acquired several new titles and two additions to the very select auto-buy list–Cherise Sinclair and Ava Gray.

The two authors have very different styles, voices, and story choices. Both are riveting.

Ava Gray’s Skin Game grabbed me by the throat with her first sentence and barely let me go long enough to eat and sleep. By far and away she earns best paranormal romance of the year from this reader.;)

Cherise Sinclair’s appeal is kinder, tugging me into her story with invisible threads of charm and artless craft. I’m sure she works hard at her writing, but the result is a seamless armchair adventure into the world of erotic romance made new, poignant, and raw.

I’m never going to write like either one of these talented women, though both of them inspire me to keep learning, keep trying, and keep improving.

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