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Teaser Tuesday

December 8, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

Over on Amazon I have a page of titles available. While seeing my books on Amazon is a thrill, they’re missing the cover for Pirate Rules, my current best seller. :(

Naturally, I’m enamored with the cover art, I think they’re fantastic. As a reader I have to admit a cover may catch my eye, but it’s the blurb that draws me in and the story that sells me.

Prior to e-publishing, I never gave a thought to who published a book. Certainly, I never browsed a bookstore’s shelves looking for a particular publisher’s line. E-publishing changed, not just the way I buy books, but the way I browse.

One of those changes is how I view cover art. If a cover intrigues me, I roll my little mouse over it and click to read the blurb, if the blurb entertains, I may put in my virtual cart right then, or I may go on the excerpt.

With Wicked Business scheduled for December release, I was hoping to share the cover in this post. Alas, no cover yet.

I know how busy and hard working my publisher is. So it’s understandable when the schedule changes. And I’m already nervous about my end of next year’s production. So I’m not going to whimper if Wicked Business becomes a 2010 release. Besides, I have three books on the lovely publisher’s front page.

Nope, no whimpering here.

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