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Fan Girl Friday

January 29, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Since I’m an addicted reader, I keep to bookcases of titles I want to read, or think I might want to read. The well-stocked bookshelves give me the same kind of security hefty bank accounts or full pantries give some people. Yes, there’s a Barnes and Noble within walking distance. Amazon and Fictionwise are only a click away. But, the power could go out. It could be after eleven. Without the bookshelves I could be stuck with nothing to read.

Of course, there’s a nice stock of previously read titles on hand, many worth a second or third reading. However, for this reader there’s nothing more enticing than the lure of the untried volume.

I’ve made it a practice not to read what I write, at least not while I’m writing. This limits romance reading to historicals, fortunately I adore historical romance. This week I’ve polished off a Julia Quinn and am busy devouring a Patricia Gaffney. :)

What’s on your TBR shelves?

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