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Real life

January 7, 2010 | Uncategorized

Last month WordPress (the engine behind this blog) upgraded. All well and good, but the scheduling of blog posts feature got lost in the shuffle of improvement.

Scheduling is one of my favorites. I want to entertain blog readers with a fresh snippet everyday. But, I don’t get up as early as most people do–sleep is something I like even better than being a good blogger. ;) Scheduling posts made it possible for me to write late into the night and snooze the following morning while still having a fresh blog post appear bright and early.

Then the teeny little glitch happened. Too late, I appreciate a techno feat I took for granted. It makes me think about how many things I count on every day and only think about when they don’t work–like, computers, cars, and electricity.

What aspects of modern life would you miss if they disappeared?

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