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January 21, 2010 | Uncategorized

Since I’ve been asked about the reading order a few times here’s the whole list ;)

Dangerous Series Dangerously sexy romantic Suspense

Dangerous Surrender–Book One–Zack and Ciara’s story

Dangerous Rescue–Book Two–Ian and Regan’s story

Dangerous Secrets–Book Three–Sam and Karina’s story

The dangerous series is connected, to avoid spoilers the books are best read in order.

All of the dangerous series titles are available as e-books or print from New Concepts Publishing from Amazon for your kindle or from Fictionwise

Enyo Chronicles –Dangerously sexy futuristic romance

Dalila’s Choice–Book One–Dalila, Kelvar, and Dexon’s story

Joon’s Temptation–Book Two–Joon, Mythos, and Helax’s story

Moria’s Rescue–Book Three (probably if the character cooperate and the I get it written and the gracious editor approves of my efforts)

The Enyo stories are connected. To avoid spoilers, they are best read in order.

The first two titles of the Enyo Chronicles are only available as e-books, from all the usual sources.

The Wicked Series–Dangerously sexy contemporary romance

Wicked Games–Book one–Damien and Rhianna’s story

Wicked Business–Book two–DJ and Eduardo’s story has a suspense twist

Wicked Desires–Book three (someday, if the character cooperate, I get the tale written, and the gracious editor approves of my efforts)

The wicked series are not connected other than being the same kind of story–impossibly sexy alpha heroes, who are unreasonable and dominant and heroines who do their best to cope with very hard men.

The first two titles are available from New Concepts and Amazon, Fictionwise only has Wicked Games available as I write this post ;)

Pirate Games–Dangerously Sexy modern Pirate tale may be part of series someday, there are other pirate adventures bouncing in my head….

Demons and Dragons Series Dangerously sexy futuristic fantasy romance

Ranin Seven –Book One– Zaynah, Diablo, and Gunn’s story is coming next month from New Concepts Publishing

Yes, Im working on more Demons and Dragons tales, but I’m still not sure of the order of the stories and they are connected. To make things even more complicated–the Demons and Dragons tales take place in the same time period as the Enyo chronicles. The worlds do touch and characters from both series appear in future installments. I’ll keep you posted as soon as the characters let me know about the sequence–soon (I hope!)

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