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Six-pack Saturday

January 30, 2010 | Uncategorized

Six things I’m sure will make me a better writer:

1) Reading not so great writers–I recognize my own bad habits clear as sunshine through a clean window when another author practices them

2) Reading great writers–I recognize genius when I read it and I can learn from it

3) Writing, actually any kind of writing, helps, even letters to long neglected relatives. Practice is to expertise what compound interest is to wealth–a sure thing.

4) Watching movies–those are stories too, only the medium is different and sometimes the difference helps me learn

5) Listening to people talk, nothing makes dialogue work as well as a good ear for it. Just like with writing, practice in listening improves the ear.

6) Watching people–sounds kind of creepy doesn’t it? But paying close attention is actually a way to honor those you interact with and it yields nuggets of body language, facial expressions, and actions. Real life people are inconsistent, illogical, and complicated and yet they provide great snippets of material to round out fictional people.

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