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Teaser Tuesday

January 19, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

The first installment in my Demons and Demons series, RANIN SEVEN releases February 3rd from New Concepts Publishing. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the heroes, Diablo in an unedited excerpt. Uh, you might want to send the kiddies out of the room before preceding…. Enjoy ;)

The female of Diablo’s dreams beckoned him closer. Her eyes flashed like red fire while she challenged him with a sultry look over her pale gold shoulder. Then, she bent over and her bare sex glistened hot and juicy with promises of impossible pleasure. His cock, thick and hard with arousal, throbbed enthusiastically. He was way past ready to mount her. But, something in her called to him on a different level. He didn’t want to jump on her like a horny demon. He wanted her wild for him. He wanted to savor their coupling.

“Show me how you want to be touched,” he demanded.

She licked a mouth made for pleasure with a slow pointed tongue. With a lazy arch of her back her small hands covered her breasts, rolling tight little plum colored nipples between her fingers.

A groan escaped his throat when her hand snaked between her legs, dipping into the tender slit. “I don’t have enough hands,” she said, beckoning him closer. “Can you give me a little help?”

Oh yeah, he was up for that. He’d intended to answer her like a civilized male. But, the growl that came out of his throat was nothing but harsh, raw need.

“Don’t make me come all by myself.” She arched, panting, as he watched her stomach muscles ripple.

He wasn’t the kind of demon, who’d ignore a female in need. Ramming his cock into that hot tight wet sheath was entering paradise. Instantly, her delicate muscles clamped around his shaft, massaging the sensitive flesh.

Stroking in and out of her silken clasp, his crown brushed the mouth of her womb, driving him closer to climax. He wasn’t going to last. But, it didn’t matter. Because, she tightened and screamed his name covering his smoking cock with fresh cream as the bliss carried her over the edge in rapture.

One more stroke, she shuddered violently. It felt so good. He could hang on for one more short, hard ram into that tight pussy.

“Diablo, get your ass topside.”

As Gunn’s words penetrated the fog of his erotic dream. He bit off a curse, rolling over. The interruption stank like dragon’s breath and was about as welcome.

“Forget it,” he growled. “Sleepin.”

“Then wake up–you’re needed on the surface–pronto.” His brother’s voice took on an edge, grating even more over Diablo’s taut nerves.

He pulled the pillow over his head, trying to block the irritating noise. But, the female of his dreams had vanished, leaving him harder, hungrier, and hornier than ever.

Some days it didn’t pay to be a demon. There was no way to recapture the dream. Fire demons weren’t capable of finding release by their own hand, which was a total dragon bitch.

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