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Teaser Tuesday

January 26, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

Just for you, here’s an unedited excerpt featuring Gunn, the other hero of Ranin Seven, the first installment of the Demons and Dragons series coming February 3rd, from New Concepts Publishing ... Enjoy ;)

“Are you crazy?” Gunn growled, interrupting his brother’s kiss. Bloody dragonheads, he swallowed the automatic curse on the end of his tongue, praying that he wasn’t too late.

Everything they’d worked for depended on him and Diablo keeping it together. Neither one of them could run skynet alone. Even strong demons had to rest sometimes.

If the woman pushed his brother into mating mania then the fledgling pan-galactic alliance would vanish before it had gotten truly started.

Though, the alliance had been growing steadily, he and Diablo were still the only high-level fire demons. The only ones strong enough to control the meteor showers that protected Ranin Seven from the emperor’s forces.

If skynet failed, the imperial troops would seize control of Ranin Seven and the duranium mining operation in about two nano seconds.

For two decades, he and Diablo had fought side by side. From the first days when they’d stowed away on an imperial mining transport, through the early days of serving deep in the mines as dust devils, until now.

They’d gained control of the moon and its mother lode of duranium. Over the past three years, skynet had been perfected. The tech-aided defense system functioned well–as long as a strong fire demon handled the controls. Skynet managed the fiery meteor showers and cosmic dust storms always brewing on the outer edge of the galaxy. The system was part technology and part magic.

Gunn strode into the medi-center proper, determined to separate his brother from the threat to all they’d worked to achieve.

A fast evaluation of the situation wasn’t encouraging. The medi-droid had shut down. The exam lights had been dimmed. And the normally cool, sterile environment swirled with heat.

His brother was wrapped around the imperial pilot and he wasn’t fighting her.

Mission impossible, Gunn’s specialty. Still, he had to try.

Fear trickled down his spine in the form of cold sweat. The imperial pilot was the emperor’s tool and a human female. And she already had her scheming claws deep into his brother.

He was in for the fight of his life.

Diablo’s head came up and he met Gunn’s eyes. However, he didn’t let go of the enemy pilot.

Then, Gunn read the tats on her slender upper arm. The chilling sweat of cold fear ran faster.

A d’skeku assassin was worse than an ordinary imperial warrior. Much worse. The elite troops were soulless, lethal killers, trained in every deadly art.

Worse than that, the emperor’s personal troops were conditioned from childhood to serve the evil Prado without question. Even at the cost of their own lives. The imperial conditioning was said to be unbreakable. He had no doubt she was here on orders to kill both of them. Something Prado had been trying to accomplish for more than two decades.

They were both still breathing and that gave him a silver of hope.

Mentally, he had to salute the hated emperor. She was the perfect weapon. Exotically beautiful, with slender curves, fashioned for a male’s pleasure, and doubtless skilled in every manner of death. She’d have to be.

Demons weren’t easy to kill.

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