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WIP Wednesday

January 6, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Once again the lure of a new story called and I followed. I used to wonder about writers with a long list of work-in-progress manuscripts down their sidebars. Not any more. So far, I haven’t succumbed to listing them. Mostly because I shudder to think about how many partials loiter on the hard drive. To say nothing of the completed manuscripts that need deep revision.

Finishing stories is essential. There’s no happy sharing of the unwritten, unrevised, and unpolished. Perhaps the answer is to put more time into the concept before I make the commitment to write. Or maybe, this is just the way my mind works.

Writing takes a balance of discipline and creativity. Naturally, many of us find the creative side more fun than the discipline.

Do you finish what you start? Or do you multi-task with several different projects in various stages of completion? Or do you manage both feats?

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