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Fan Girl Friday

February 5, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Over the past few weeks, I’ve read several e-books that impressed me with vivid characters, believable conflicts, and strong voices. The kind of story telling that keeps readers happily clicking on the next page much longer than they’d planned.

My complaint is petty–abrupt transitions. Not enough to make me dump a gripping tale, but enough to make me grumble and look for more titles by those smart authors who don’t make mistakes.

Typos, grammar, spelling boo-boos are easier for me to skim over than the jagged edge of graceless transitions. When a scene ends and a new one begins in an entirely different place, point of view, and time with nothing to orient me. In a print title (sadly missing and/or abrupt transitions from one scene to another happen in mass market titles too) I lick my fingers trying to unstick pages that aren’t stuck. I check the page numbers, then grunt and soldier on, crankier than before.

Tell me about your pet reading peeve. Cranky readers need company. ;)

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