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Fan Girl Friday

February 25, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Lately, I’ve been buying more e-books than print. Instant gratification for the greedy reader and so many great stories. Here’s my latest find…

Prohibition. The Charleston. Hard times. Jazz. Foreclosures. Breakaways and cutting loose. Twilight Amery sets her sights on Harlem, where a girl with a voice–even a white man’s bastard from Alabama–can be somebody. Hopping a freight train, she joins up with the beautiful, bitter Mr. Stone and the compellingly magnetic Hector, two Harlem men trying to get home however they can. Faced with club-wielding Pinkerton agents, an inconvenient dead body, and a shortage of money, Twilight and Stone forge an alliance while pursuing their individual mating dances with Hector. Then an old enemy of Stone’s intercepts them, and issues a challenge that Twilight makes the mistake of accepting.

Steal Away is available now at Loose ID

Or learn more about Amber Green at her website :mrgreen:

Share the love, tell me about your latest favs….

Posted by Evanne @ 8:19 pm  

5 Responses to “Fan Girl Friday”

  1. Judith Leger Says:

    Nice, Amber!

    Good to see you Evanne!

  2. Jadette Paige Says:

    Mouth watering, Amber! Your books are great!

  3. Evanne Says:

    Hey there ladies,

    Thanks for stopping by…

  4. Amber Green Says:

    Thank you, Evanne! Glad you liked it!

  5. Evanne Says:

    Of course I liked it, you write delicious erotic romance set in worlds it’s a pleasure to visit.

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