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Teaser Tuesday

February 2, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

Just for dangerously sexy fans, an unedited excerpt from Ranin Seven, Demons and Dragons Book One the story is scheduled for release tomorrow!

Smiling warmly at the pair of d’skeku warriors standing watch at the entrance, Zaynah got nothing back. Unless she wanted to count the blast of icy rejection. She stiffened her spine to the perfect posture required when in the presence of royalty, pretending the snub from her peers didn’t matter.

Worse than being the odd warrior out was the knowledge that she ranked dead last in the fitness ratings. No matter how many extra hours she trained, she never seemed to improve. She couldn’t blame the others for avoiding her. No one wanted to be friends with the holder of the last place ranking. She just needed to work a little harder. This year she was going to turn things around.

She swallowed a small sigh of regret, holding herself even more rigidly. The guards’ insult was nothing new. Foolishly, she kept trying to make friends, hoping that at least one of the other warriors would thaw. No luck so far.

Excluded from the comradery in the residence hall, she still heard the snickered whispers of Emperor’s pet whenever her back was turned. Nothing could have been further from the truth. But, the sniping still hurt.

Years ago, she’d tried denying the unfair label. Her protests had only triggered bursts of more blatant cruelty.

Crossing the wide expanse of plush purple carpet, she stepped carefully over its border of golden dragons, coming to a stop precisely two meters from the enormous throne and bowing deeply to show respect.

Though, she’d grown up in the royal compound, the throne room never failed to awe her. It was impressive with rich hangings and beautiful artwork. Windows of stained glass threw rainbows of light through the grand space. The throne of pure gold was cushioned in rare natural silk. Its ornate back and sides flared in winged splendor.

Dominating the throne, indeed the magnificent room, was Prado the fifth, Emperor of the Orion Galaxy.

Every youngling knew the Orion Galaxy held pride of place in the known universe. At the center of the greatest of the galaxies was the magnificent yellow giant, Dragon’s Fire. Attendant plants circled the brilliant star. But, only Basilisk Prime had all the necessary requirements for carbon-based life forms to thrive. All this meant that she stood in proximity to the very center of the universe.

A place of great power and greater danger.

The room and the man were awe inspiring, deserving her respect, and yet a tiny part of her always squirmed resentfully when she was in the presence of the emperor.

Rebellion was a grievous–even a fatal–flaw for a d’skeku warrior.

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