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WIP Wednesday

February 10, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Stories start from little wisps of inspiration that swirl into a concept. At least, that’s how mine work. If I get chills during the beginning–the basic premise is a winner. Of course, there’s still the challenge of translating the vision to words–the right words in the right order.

For the project to have any chance at all of succeeding, I need the right characters. I need to understand them, And, I need to capture them on the page. I’m thinking about characters and the strange alchemy of practicality and magic creativity requires, because I’m working on a new story–Calyxia’s Capture, Enyo Chronicles III.

The basic story universe already exists in my head–and in the first two episodes of the series–Dalila’s Choice, Enyo Chronicles I, and Joon’s Temptation, Enyo Chronicles II. Each story reveals new facets of the story world, and the people living in the distant future. Since I want the discriminating editor to approve of my efforts, and for readers to enjoy the adventure, then I need the right characters to tell the story.

Calyxia and her heroes aren’t perfect people. Perfection is dull. So far, Calyxia is the only one I’ve met. She’s sharing her fears, pains, hopes, and dreams. I need to learn more, much more than will ever be in the story, before I can find the right men to bond with her….

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  1. MichaelSSEC Says:

    Hey there, my friend!

    Just stopping by to say HULLO and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope all is exceptionally terrific with you and yours! :D


  2. Evanne Says:

    Hey Michael, Happy Valentines to you too. Hugs and kisses to you and Julie :D

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