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WIP Wednesday

February 17, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Real people are made from basic chemicals, a spark of life, and experiences.

Fictional people are created from small, carefully constructed details, actions, reactions, and introspection. Part of the process is prosaic, character checklists, interviews, and bios. There are excellent books on the subject of characterization. Every successful author must master the process of crafting fictional people.

The small rituals–finding images for each story person, creating histories, making playlists are my way of evoking the magic and about as effective as a witch doctor’s rattles–the rituals work only when I believe.

First, I fall in love with the world, the characters, the adventure. The pitfall with this starry eyed infatuation stage for me, is I have no perspective. Each tiny detail, thought, or action seems worthy of being immortalized on the page. :)

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