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WIP Wednesday

February 24, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Once the initial period of fascination passes, I can do a better job of cutting away everything except the vital details that reveal the characters.

Heroes, and heroines, need to be complex, but not too complex. Distinctive, larger than life, and yet, flawed, and likable. They also need to be interesting and sympathetic.

The first challenge is always balancing heroic with human traits. The story’s stars have to be worthy of their roles. Heroes need to be real, and therefore flawed and human, but they also need to become their best possible selves. Conflict is the forge that creates character, burning away the doubts and forcing the story star to reach for his destiny.

The second challenge is finding the perfect blend of detail, action, reaction, and introspection to convey these wonderfully complex beings.

The third challenge is capturing all of the above in words, accepting that this is an impossible task, and keep right on trying. As JA Konrath says there’s a word for writers, who never give up, published.

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