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Fan Girl Friday

March 5, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Too often, I succumb to the lure of new books, ignoring all those titles waiting for attention on my to-be-read shelves. This is part of my book addiction. ;) But now and then, I pull out an assortment of titles I want to read.

Since I’m writing an erotic futuristic story at the moment, the whole TBR collection is fair game. I picked three romantic suspense titles that have been handing around for a while. The first was a reissue of a Suzanne Brockmann title, Bodyguard.

OMG, I fell in love all over again. Now, I want to read nothing but Brockmann (another addiction symptom). I think there are still a few of her titles I haven’t read….

Share the love. Have you ever rediscovered an author? :D

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