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Fan Girl Friday

March 19, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Last year I considered moving for a couple of months. When I looked around the house, books were an obvious problem. I reduced the library by a couple of bookcases, maybe a third of the total number of titles. Only a few of the missing books have called to me. Even if I wind up repurchasing them, in ebook form, I have no regrets about thinning the collection.

Curious about the books that earned keeper status? Reference volumes, dictionaries, timelines, thesarus, cookbooks, garden books, and writing craft books. Fiction keepers are heavy on the classics, some children’s tales, a few old favorites, and best loved stories.

Exactly what makes a best loved tale? They aren’t flawless. Some of my all-time greatest titles have parts that make me roll my eyes and groan. The favorite story isn’t necessarily the perfectly rendered tale. It’s a story that speaks to me, that moves me to smile, to cry, to cringe, to connect, and to believe.

That’s’ why there’s Lori Foster’s Too Much Temptation bracketed between Jane Eyre and I am a Memory Come Alive.

Share the love, what’s on your keeper shelf?

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