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March 25, 2010 | Uncategorized

Another writer was discussing a competitor–a woman who writes in the same sub-genre as my friend. The word competitor sent my mind spinning. Naturally, I said nothing. This is one of the reasons I write. I get all the time necessary to come up with a coherent response to provocative remarks.

A few weeks later, here’s what I think about the idea of other writers releasing titles in the same category being identified as competitors–nah.

There are those who restrict their leisure reading to a particular genre. I’ve done a little binge reading myself from time to time. Enthusiastic readers of Ms. Wobbly knees gothic/urban fantasy romances may be the new author’s dream audience. Diehard fans of a particular sub-genre are exactly the market segment the emerging author wants.

I don’t know anyone who reads just one author and no one else. Like most readers, I have favorite authors. My most beloved writers are the kind of slackers who only put out a book a year. Obviously, a single title a year, no matter how riveting is not going to keep me amused. I need three or four good books a week. I’m constantly searching for new-to-me writers.

Don’t be discouraged if your target audience is reading other authors. Eager readers need lots of writers to keep them entertained. Keep writing great stories and readers will buy them.

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