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Teaser Tuesday

March 2, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

So, I’m back to the future, writing the third Enyo Chronicle, Calyxia’s Capture, and having a wonderful time, but kind of wondering how I stumbled into this strange alternate reality…. :shock:

While fact checking, I got hooked and wound up reading one of my own stories. My own nerdy geekiness makes me smile. :D

Eventually, I got back to work and thought about the all important story questions. Such as, why can’t this set of lovers simply fall in love and live happily ever after?

I love a satisfactory ending and do my best to create one for each story. But, characters are complicated and things happen. True love lasts and deepens, but it doesn’t prevent life or new problems from developing. The continuing story, with little snippets about what happened next to favorite characters is part of the appeal of a series, at least it is for this writer and this reader. :lol:

Share the love, do you read series? Should they be limited or opened ended? Favorites?

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