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Teaser Tuesday

March 9, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

Damon’s Price releases from Samhain today!

No, I didn’t write it. :lol: The wonderfully talented Ms. Katz created this tempting treat.

Widowhood agrees with thirty-eight-year-old Claudia Sabina. Her husband and father left her wealthy, but her most prized possession is their gift of independence. She enjoys a freedom few women in male-dominated Roman society will ever know.

The slave, Damon, is part of her father’s bequest. Intelligent, resourceful and educated beyond the norm for even a Roman citizen, Damon’s many talents make him one of her most valuable assets. The fact the young Greek is also a pleasure to look at only adds to his value.

For months, Damon hides the fact he’s fallen in love with his new mistress. He convinces himself he can be satisfied with her nearness—until the night he walks in on her bath, and his rigid control deserts him. Consequences fail to matter as he offers her full use of talents that, until now, he’s never revealed.

In a moment of weakness, Claudia crosses the line laid down by Roman law and custom, immersing herself in an illegal and dangerous love affair. A choice that threatens both their futures.

Since I’m so special :wub: and all, I read an arc of this story last week. Oh my dears, Damon is simply delicious, the story moved me seamlessly into the decadent world of an ancient Roman country estate. My only complaint was that the novella was over much too soon.

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