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WIP Wednesday

March 3, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

When I start a new story, I include way more of the characters’ history than the tale needs. This is a familiar process. One I actually recognize even as I’m doing it. I cut and paste those rambling pages into a separate scrap document. Sometimes, I find just the detail I need later in this first messy info dump.

Whether or not any of this character background winds up in the finished manuscript, it’s part of my process. While I’m keen on improving my craft, I’m slow to change what’s working.

Once past this initial stage, an actual story begins to emerge. Action, dialogue, and lots of gaping holes. It’s a breathless rush of pounding on the keyboard recording the excitement. Almost none of the details that bring the characters to life and make a well-told adventure are included.

This is how it works for me, at the moment. Process is always fluid changing whether or not I even notice the dynamics. :roll:

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