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WIP Wednesday

March 31, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Beginnings are delicate, fragile things, fraught with traps for the hapless author. Middles are messy, needing a firm hand and taut pacing. Endings are snarly knots with myriad unresolved details requiring skill, discipline, and inspiration. In short, writing has no easy parts.

And yet millions (well, everyone I meet), wants to write.

Each of us has a story. The urge to share our personal adventure is part of being human. The tale doesn’t have to be the great American novel to have value. It doesn’t even have to be written or published. Oral histories, video logs, and journals offer alternative formats for the story teller.

So why write? Jayne Anne Krentz talked about this a while back. Paraphrasing, she said, “If you have any choice in the matter, pick a different career path.” Having worked at writing for a few years, I understand her advice better than I did when I first read it. Writing isn’t a practical career choice. But, practicality isn’t everything, if your heart tells you to write–go for it.

If you have babies to feed and bills to pay, keep your day job.

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