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WIP Wednesday

March 24, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

The bright and shiny new story is a constant menace threatening to pull me away from the WIP. I’ve fallen for the siren call of the better idea too many times to count.

Currently, I’m resisting the lure of a new tale although the current story is in a painful stage. The characters (usually the male characters) refuse to disclose their deepest secrets. Bastards. How do they expect me to tell their story if they wont cooperate? It’s very simple, they don’t want their story told. At this point they’ve already met the woman of their dreams and they’re ready to leave my head forever.

I hold them hostage via an impossible conflict and they get bitter and clam up. I keep prodding them, from a safe distance–they are dangerous guys. Sooner or later, I’ll win because I have the woman they need more than they need to keep breathing.

And those new smoldering hunks taunting me from the edge of mind? They’ll be every bit as difficult once they’ve met their match. Or so I tell myself…. :roll:

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