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Fan Girl Friday

April 9, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

As regular readers of dangerously sexy already know, I bought an ereader and began making the the transition to paperless reading, except for library books. It’s a gradual process. I started reading ebooks three years ago, using my PC. I upgraded to Adobe’s Digital Editions down the road and used it exclusively for a couple of years.

Kindle came along. Eventually, the selection was too good resist. So, I downloaded the Kindle for PC and acquired a couple of titles. Recently, I bit the bullet and bought a Kindle. I love it. Though, it is a bit spooky how thoroughly Amazon tracks my reading. This morning, I opened up the PC Kindle, because I’d left the ereader in the living room, to check the Troubleshooter titles I’d already downloaded before purchasing another.

When I clicked on cover and the screen asked if I want to go to where I’d last read on my other Kindle. It was a lot like itunes synching the digital music library with the ipod, but in reverse. :shocked: As with virtual music, many factors played in the choice of a virtual book provider, but it was and is selection that ruled the decision.

Share the love, do you read ebooks, listen to emusic, or are you a traditionalist?

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