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Fan girl Friday

April 23, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Lately, I’ve been re-reading old favorites with a few new to me stories/authors tossed into the mix. I may tire of my old friends and branch out to try someone new one of these days, but the rereading is comfortable in a special way. For me, it’s very similar to talking to an old friend, there’s an ease and predisposition of caring that comes with history. New potential friends, require a lot more effort and have a high disappointment rate. Same goes for the new to me authors.

Once in awhile, I’m so enchanted by the first title I read, that I buy as much of the new find’s backlist as I can glom on to–this hasn’t happened for a long time. Too frequently, that first riveting tale turned out to be a creation of their golden hour never again recaptured, or even, sadly approached.

Even less frequently, I find an author who not only beguiles me with the first story I happen across, but who continues to improve and delight title after title. The Kindle expands my willingness to experiment by offering sample chapters. Strangely, after reading the requested sample, I don’t buy the book. There are too many titles I’m eager to read (or reread in my case) to spend money on a story that’s easy to close.

What keeps me clicking next page way too late? Suspense, mystery, doubt, connection, and simply beautiful writing–usually any one item on that list will work. Authors who manage to combine two or more of these virtues win another fan girl.

Share the love, tell me about your favorite authors.

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