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Fan girl Friday

April 30, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is my current favorite series. Lover Mine, released in hardback last Tuesday. So, am I happily reading the long anticipated installment? Nope. And I’m seriously cranky.

The problem isn’t price–$9.99 is a good deal. The problem isn’t availability–there are brick and mortar stores within walking distance and the online book suppliers are real efficient. The problem is format. NAL (New American Library) Publishing did not make Lover Mine available for pre-order in the Kindle format. NAL isn’t the only publisher making this choice–just the latest to irritate me.

There’s even a release date and pre-order option for the paperback version. But, nothing for constant Kindle reader. Really not feeling the love here….

I assume (dangerous, I know) their reasoning runs along the lines of Kindle sales could cut into their hardback numbers. This may be a legitimate concern. But, they’re missing the bigger picture. Which is–no Kindle availability means no sale. :angry: If I have to wait to get the title I want, why buy it at all? I can wait for free in library’s queue.

What I think needs to happen is for the gold standard of book success to recalibrate. The New York Times Best Seller rankings are based on brick and mortar sales. Ebooks are outselling print. Time to change the best selling criteria. If the NY Times doesn’t want to change their calculations or expand their lists–someone else will.

Now the question is; will I love the story enough to buy my very own copy (someday when the publisher comes to their collectives senses and makes it available as a Kindle title)? Maybe….

What do you all think? Am I the only disappointed Kindle fan?

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