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April 29, 2010 | Uncategorized

On a rainy Sunday evening, I decided to tackle a little drywall repair project in the sewing/laundry room. Actually there are three drywall disasters in close proximity. Two from a nervous dog who soothed herself with eating things like walls and one aftermath of the solar panel removal. The holes where the pipe used to run were the most unsightly, so I started there.

I’ve watched a pro replace a good sized section of drywall. The end result was undetectable. But even if I could duplicate his technique, the gaping holes were half an inch from a corner. I haven’t seen corner repair. The local hardware store supplied a drywall patch and I gathered the recommended tools and materials, including a ladder.

A quick dust of cobwebs and the site was prepped. Following well written instructions, I applied the patch. A few hours later, it had dried. Already, the damaged spot looked better. Joint compound turned out to look a lot like Spackle, who knew. A nice pass or two with a putty spreader and the patch disappeared.

The next night, after a light sanding of the patch and cleanup, I trotted off to get the pale pink paint. When I pried off the lid I found a solid instead of a liquid. One of the bedrooms is painted in the same shade, so I looked for that can. No luck. It’s possible I used the sewing room paint for the bedroom. Matching existing paint has proved trickier than I would’ve thought. I have a can of unlabeled white base plus some drops of something vaguely pinkish that was still liquid.

Sadly, the mystery paint didn’t match the wall’s delicate pink. The night grew late and I decided to add a few drops of rose to a small can of white. The shade is close, but the tone a teeny bit too peachy. The pipe holes are gone, a definite improvement. Now, the sewing/laundry room needs painting. This is how my household repairs go, morphing into endless projects.

Share the love, how are your chores doing?

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