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Six-pack Saturday

April 17, 2010 | Uncategorized

Today marks 1,000 dangerously sexy blog posts. So here’s six reasons why I blog:

1) Habit–like you all haven’t figured out I’m a routine kinda of girl.

2) Shameless self-promotion–hey, it’s why I’m here. I write erotic romances. Blogs are terrific for posting new cover art, reviews, excerpts, all those bookish tidbits readers and writers enjoy.

3) I like writing–blogs are great for whining about the current WIP, the excitement of a new story, the wonderful ego crushing book I just read, and all the ordinary bits of real life that are funny or sad or entertaining

4) Craft improvement–all writing helps make me a better writer–blogging definitely counts.

5) Keeps me touch with friends–like the social networking sites–a blog offers an open door and friendly invitation to both old and new friends

6) Learning, when I write about craft, or rave about an author I adore, the hard-taught lessons are reinforced in my scattered thoughts, which need all the help I can give them.

Thanks for being a fan, you’re the best. :D

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