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WIP Wednesdays

April 14, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Happiness is delightful in real life and sure sign the story is over in fiction. Once the story’s problems have been resolved there’s not much to tell.

However, endings have their own challenges. The end goal for every romance is a uniquely satisfying resolution. For me, this rests with the characters. Actually, the whole story depends on how well I reveal the characters.

The cast in my head is freakin’ brilliant. Successfully capturing them on the page is the elusive goal. Writing romance involves finding fresh ways to tell a beloved tale with myriad versions already written. What makes one love scene different from another (let alone better)? For me–it’s the characters who make it special.

Story people are created word by word. Their actions, attitudes, and emotions captured by infinitesimal telling details slipped seamlessly into the unfolding story. And just like real people–no two are alike.

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