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Fan Girl Friday

May 7, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Club Shadowlands is the introductory story to the popular and addictive Masters of the Shadowlands series. Caught in a series of wrong place, wrong time events Jessica is stranded in the chilly lobby of a BSDM club. She opts for the warmth of the club, signing an agreement she’s too miserable to read carefully.

Luckily, Master Z takes personal responsibility for the innocent sub.

Like one of her incredible Doms, Ms. Sinclair has the gift of transporting the reader into the erotic world of bondage clubs without ever making even the greenest initiate feel stupid or uncomfortable. She gives us characters real enough to trust, allowing the reader to relax and enjoy the dark thrills of non-vanilla sex. Inside this erotic adventure is a tender love story that will steal your heart.

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