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Six-pack Saturday

May 15, 2010 | Uncategorized

Everyone has a secret fantasy, or two. One of mine is weather control. After years of grumbling, I’ve finally mastered the weather. I’m sharing the secrets with you ’cause I’m such a sweetie. :heart:

1) Need rain? Wash and wax your car.

2) Need sun? Fix all those lawn spots that need to be kept moist for the first few weeks.

3) Too hot? Plant the tender new annuals that wither if the temperature drops.

4) Too cold? Leave the shorts in storage and dress in flannel and fleece

5) Need more rain? Put off cleaning the clogged gutters

6) Need more sun? Continue to drive your car even thought some wit wrote “wash me” on the rear window

Sure thing tips, for free. You’re welcome. :lol:

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