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WIP Wednesday

May 5, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Actually, most days are WIP days for me. I just don’t want to bore you all with mind numbing reports of added another thousand words, cut three hundred words, changed another couple of hundred words….

During lunch I play a game of chess and if the game ends before the food I pick up a book on writing craft. There’s always more to learn. Recently, my lunch book has been On Writing by Stephen King.

Stephen and I don’t have very much in common. However, I admire his craft and we like some of the same authors. On Writing is my second favorite of his works. It’s painfully true and contains lots of nuggets.

I’ve been considering his policy of cutting ten percent from the first draft during the second draft. While I bow to his process and results, I don’t think cutting the first draft is right for me. His first drafts are much more coherent than mine, I leave a ton of things out of the first draft. Not to mince words, my first drafts are bare bones. The story has to fill out before I can pare fat.

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