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Fan Girl Friday

June 18, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

So, what do the excruciatingly picky reader like in a Regency romance? Ms. Heyer satisfies. Of all her excellent works, The Nonesuch is one of my favorites. I say one because all of her romances merit a spot on my keeper shelves.

Quoting a like-minded Amazon reviewer:

“I really think that the whole of my adult reading life has been spent looking for something to fill in the gap left on Georgette Heyer’s death. I first read Austen in high school and discovered Heyer in my freshman year at university when someone suggested to me that she was “the next best thing to Austen”. I guess that was a truth self-evident.

I’ve read thousands of romances, sandwiched in between the serious history and biography I adore, on buses, trains, in the car, in waiting rooms, during hurried lunch hours and in bed at night to relax after another stressful, hectic day. But, really, if I am honest with myself, there are just a very, very few authors that are on my keeper shelf. Hundreds of authors have come and gone for me. Some I have dismissed after reading a chapter as too puerile, too facetious, too ill-researched, too derelict in the simple use of the English language.

Heyer, however, rarely disappointed. I adore her later books, filled with characters of great wit, insight, morality and self-knowledge who mature and come together through real life experiences – all conveyed in prose of the very highest standard. I guess that’s it – Heyer’s exquisitely wrought prose telling stories of genuine human emotional experience, all carefully and perfectly set in the Regency world – immaculately researched and painted for the eager reader.

The Nonesuch is, of course, one of my favourites – and I expect I would say that about most of her works. But Sir Waldo and Ancilla so perfectly epitomise adult love, good works and social constraints and decent moral standards that you have to love them. Village life is portrayed beautifully – so much remains the same!

Rant, rant, rant. Every time I go back to Heyer, I am demoralised when I pick up a modern “wanna be”. What to do about that?”

There are many talented, literate, living authors, I wonder pointlessly, why none of them take up the banner of the sparkling witty Regency romance?

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