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Teaser Tuesday

June 22, 2010 | Teaser Tuesday

Whipped Cream Erotic Romance reviewer Mistletoe recently reviewed Wicked Business
you can read the whole review here

This is my favorite part:

“This story drew me in from the very beginning. I enjoyed the bond that developed between Eduardo and Desiree. The two are a great match. Eduardo is a strong man with a good conscience who will fight for those he loves. Desiree is a smart woman who follows her heart. As the two deal with their own feelings for each other they must also deal with the agency Desiree works for and their investigation of Eduardo. The story flows nicely between the investigation and the relationship. I loved reading about the strong feelings that they feel for each other and watching them show it when they must fight for their lives.

This author brings the characters’ world to life. This story was well written and fast paced. I enjoyed the relationship that was introduced and would love to read more about Desiree and Eduardo. If you enjoy strong characters and ones that follow their hearts, you should definitely check this story out. I know that I will be on the look out for more stories from this author.”

Thank you, Mistletoe :heart:

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