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WIP Wednesday

June 16, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

There were two suggestions I heard over and over when I began studying the craft of writing: let the manuscript rest for a few weeks after the first draft is complete and read your work aloud. Despite the repetitions of this excellent advice, I ignored both pieces of wisdom for years.

Leaving a first draft cooling on the hard drive for a couple of weeks? What nonsense. Like a few weeks would give me any perspective on characters I’ve bonded with over a period of months.

Reading aloud made me feel self-conscious. Besides, I could hear the story in my head. Why on earth would I need to read it out loud? The answer, I eventually learned, is because my ears can’t be fooled as easily as my eyes, which have the deplorable fault of sliding right over the most egregious errors.

I was wrong to ignore both of these suggestions. Reading aloud and resting the story after the first draft help. :wub:

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