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WIP Wednesday

June 23, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

It’s summer, the grass grows like the weed it is, I have a story to finish this month, all the usual requirements of daily life continue. So I’m busy. Yet, I take the time to work on craft daily. I study craft books and articles. I critique at least one scene a week for someone else. I do these things because they make me a better writer, which allows me to tell a better story.

For me, the real benefit of a critique group isn’t the feedback I get. Although, that is a a much appreciated feature. But, there’s nothing like going through another writer’s passive verbs, purple phrases, and liberal dialogue tags to remind me how often I’m guilty of the same lazy prose.

This is not a condemnation of all dialogue tags, all passive verbs, and all adverbs. They have a place. But, I need to cultivate a rigorous habit of self-examination to avoid slipping into evil ways. :devil:

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