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WIP Wednesday

June 30, 2010 | WIP Wednesday

Whether or not I’m conscious of themes in my writing, they exist. Of course, it’s much easier to see the common threads in other authors’ works than those in my own. For good or ill, I’m usually unaware of what’s happening in my head below surface thought.

I’m convinced the sub-conscious is the home of the creative well. Writing means dipping into this well over and over, spilling the contents onto the blank page.

The more writing I do, the more I become aware of my own interior reservoir and the ways it both matches and differs from others’ inner waterworks.

Writing is the practice of emotional nudity. This is both humbling and life affirming. Anyone reading my work knows me to my core. The reader knows I believe in love, knows my quirks, knows my strengths, and knows my insecurities. If I do my job well, the reader connects with some of my truths.

Are there certain themes that resonate with you?

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