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Fan Girl Friday

July 16, 2010 | Fan Girl Friday

Most of my reading is done for free. Good thing too, since I have a serious reading addiction. The library system provides a steady stream of titles for my edification and entertainment.

In spite of the thousands of titles available free of charge, I still buy books. Not every title is available from my excellent library friends. Since I am very partial to a short list of e-published authors, I buy their latest releases directly from their publisher. Perhaps, these works will someday be available free to the thrifty library patron, but I’m too impatient to wait.

The same impatience prods me to acquire the newest release from a favorite mass market author. I also buy books I want to reread, including non-fiction. A good deal of the time when I do purchase a book. it’s one I’ve already read.

Since acquiring an e-reader I haven’t purchased a print book. Reducing the ink and paper collection was one of the major motives behind making the change to e-books for my personal reading.

The Kindle I selected offers an unparalleled selection of titles, portability, and terrific capacity. The text is easy to read. Both the size and the weight are comfortable. The things I don’t like are minor: the dead author screen covers; the bookmark feature; no easy way to flip back and forth (eventually I may catch on to using the search or go to features). Overall I find it comfortable for entertainment reading, and irritating for non-fiction (where I’m studying material rather than simply reading).

Improvements I’d like to see in my next e-reader: color, a larger screen, and easier navigation. Cheaper is always good :wub:

Tell me about your e-reader….

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